DUBturbo Review: I Was Wrong!

by admin on October 30, 2011

in Reviews

I’m a bit embarrassed about this, so I’ll give it to you straight. A few months ago I told you guys about how to make beats with Sonic Producer, a beat maker software I’ve been using to make beats for my mixes. I wasn’t lying, I really do use it and I do think that it’s a good program for beginners to get started in making their own beats. Or, at least, I did. After I wrote that post, one of my readers (who shall remain unnamed) emailed me in an outrage. He couldn’t believe that I was using Sonice Producer when there was a much better beat making program out there, with higher quality sound samples and a ton more features. He was right. I’ve been using that program for the last 2 months and it’s awesome. I wanted to tell you about it earlier, but I’ve been too embarrassed to go back on what I had said just a few months ago. But now I’m finally ready to give you my DUBturbo review. If you’re still interested in making studio quality beats, read on…